Scott Hunts for Flight Deals

1. Scott hunts flight deals

Scott actively checks flight prices/value. I curate only the best deals to share with subscribers and share how to book.

Airline drops price...

2. Air ticket prices drop…

When an air ticket price drops, Scott sees this and shares the flight deal and booking source with subscribers.

You take flight!

3. You take flight!

$AVE time searching for flight deals and $AVE money by purchasing on the right website. Focus on enjoying your trip!

Hi. I’m Scott Stewart.
I’m a former airline employee who has worked in the Airline industry since 1989. I’ve learned over the years how to SAVE on air travel! I want to help you FLY TUCSON and understand airline flight offerings and to SAVE $$$’s on your flights!

More about me…

    Who is a Tucson Flyer?

    A Do It Yourself (DIY) Air Traveler…who wants a little guidance to become an even more informed flyer so they can FLY BETTER & SAVE TIME & MONEY on Tucson flights!

    Tucson Flyer Blogs: Provide Inspiration and Air Travel Search/Booking Strategies

    We’ll share air deal techniques, strategies and secrets thru training guides on air travel shopping best practices.

    Tucson Flyer Blogs

    Tucson AZ to/from Calgary (YYC) Canada flight deal from $318rt
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    Separate Airline Tickets – SAVE on Air!

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