Our Tucson Flyer Sample Air Deal Notice

Below is our Sample Air Deal Notice. While our air deal notices may vary some most will have the elements shown in the below notice. If ever you have a question regarding information on a sample air deal notice contact scott@tucsonflyer.com and I will be happy to help as soon as I can! (I do spend most of my time hunting deals!).

Sample Air Deal Notice





< We Start with City Pairs and Price with our Regular and Sample Air Deal Notice.

< We Note a cost per mile or Savings on average fare in 2015 between the city pairs.













< We Provide Sample Dates When Price Found
Typically other dates will have rate and you can search for your dates.


< We’ll specify key routing information including number of plane changes and where when this impacts the fare.



< We’ll note the airline and any fare conditions and rules you’ll need to follow.




< We point you to the booking sources we found that can deliver the rate. Note: that rates can change rapidly so you want to check fast before the rate disappears.

< We’ll offer a link to the booking source


< We’ll also not cost savings in relation to 2015 average fare or value of price on a cents per flight mile basis.


Sample Air Deal Notice




< We’ll provide a screenshot of proof of rate


< We’ll provide a booking button that can take you to the recommended booking source










At the bottom we also often offer a link to Travel Insurance since we feel on many air trip inclusive itineraries that Travel Insurance is a good purchase for your trip.

Use www.google.com/flights to search out alternate date combinations for the price we’ve found. While you cannot book on Google Flights it does offer a great way to search for dates with lower end fares. When you find the dates on Google Flights add these to the Recommended Booking Source and more often then not you will find the lower rates.